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How it all Began...
The first time Aldis Jaspers visited India, she was working as a physiotherapist for “Terre des Hommes”, taking part in a project for physically challenged children. Getting to know the population of the Indian countryside through her work, Aldis Jasper soon came to realize what these people’s biggest and most important need was: a good primary school education.

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As a result of a widely spread lack of good primary education and English knowledge Medium Schools – the nearest being in Tiruvannamalai – and due to a lack of public transportation as well as unreasonably high school fees making primary education unaffordable for many families, these village children didn't have any chance to attend an English Medium School, which in today's world is a necessity for their future prospects.

Agriculture was and still is the main source of living in that area, and very few adults are able to read and write. For them a good school education has always been an unreachable dream.

Having discovered such a lack of knowledge, such an obvious cry for help and potential for improvement, there are two different ways to react: either you simply walk away and try to forget what you just saw, or you stay right where you are and start working. For the great luck of kids in this region, Aldis Jasper chose the second way.

Aldis Jaspers with a student
In the year of 1999, after having inspected all the schools in the area of Vediyappanur - a village located at the foothill of the holy mountain “Arunachala”, 180km South West of Chennai and 100km West of Pondicherry - Aldis Jasper and a group of Indian friends decided to do better. Together, they founded the Arunachala Village School Trust, a charity organization with 6 board members. Mr. Raja became its first President. Soon they purchased a small piece of land, where they constructed a first simple building containing four little classrooms. In June of the same year, the school opened its gates for 40 children out of the poorest families in the area of Vedyiappanur near Tiruvannamalai, attending the lower and upper kindergarten.
Ten years have gone by since that day, during which we saw a slow but constant growth, so that today our school counts 180 children, from lower and upper kindergarten, up to 5th standard primary school.
Teaching values in every day situationsTeaching respect

Our declared goal is not only to give each of our children the very best primary school education they can attain, but also to teach them to love each other, respect each other, and help each other wherever they can. We foster our children’s creativity and common understanding of each other and of the environment, and we strive for empathy and harmony in all we do - always keeping in mind that through our students we reach the villages’ people, and therefore make a change in society.

We want to support our children, help them form their very own individual characters and teach them values, ethics, and morals, for to us, this is not only a school, but a social community resource center, a second home for children in need.

Today, with the great help of many good hearts around the world we have reached our tenth year successfully, which makes our school the living proof of what we teach our children every day:

Together as a team, helping one another, we are strong and can start changing the bad to the good, working hand in hand we can give our children what we missed in our own childhood. We strongly believe in the power of collective efforts and here by we build up our strength.

Our teachers care Valutes and ethics matter Cherishing our culture