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“Love, trust and respect are the fundamental values of the education we provide. We foster creativity and common understanding for each other and the environment, we strive for empathy and harmony in all we do and we share the responsibility to care for what we build together: a learning community for children and people of the surrounding villages to create a bright future.”

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"Our declared goal is not only to give each of our children the very best primary school education they can attain, but also to teach them to love each other, respect each other, and help each other wherever they can. We foster our children's creativity and common understanding of each other and of the environment, and we strive for empathy and harmony in all we do - always keeping in mind that through our students we reach the villages' people, and therefore make a change in society."

With this website, we want to share our vision with you, and invite you to join us and help us achieve our goals, and make a difference for all mankind.

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"We teach our children to "Respect others, Love others and Help others..."