Other Programs of AVST:

AVST is also serving the children through its other programs. Presently there are two major programs are supported by AVST.

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Philips Computer Center:

AVST has started its first computer center in Vediyappanur village. The computer center was established with the great help of Philips Electronics India Limited in Bangalore, and was opened by Mr Alexius Collette, Chief Executive Officer of Philips Innovation Center India.

Philips sponsored 15 used computers and also lighting and painting. This computer center enables us to deliver basic computer education to the children of remote villages.

The core activities of the computer center is as follow:

01. Computer based education:
All the students in our school get very good basic computer education by well trained teachers. Also all children are allowed to use the computers, whenever they are free. They can come to school even during holidays to use computers, with prior permission.

02. Job oriented computer courses:
The center coaches students and unemployed youths from surrounding villages in computer science, serving as a local alternative to the expensive courses offered in the city. Students are trained in job-oriented courses like Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Data Entry Operators (DEO). A certificate is issed to the students who complete a course successfully. Philips employees participate in the courses by teaching the students.

The Philips Computer CenterThe Philips Computer Center in full use

03. Summer computer education courses
During the summer vacation (April to 1st week in June) the center offers basic computer courses open to everybody interested regardless of age or occupation. By April 2008, 258 students had completed the course.

At the time being AVST is planning to establish more centers in other villages to offer the same to more students.

Computer education is still a dream for the students in remote villages. AVST is trying to make their dream come true by offering a good education in computer science.

We strongly believe that this is a great opportunity to take their skills to the outside world.

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Green Children:

In today’s modern world, where technology is gaining importance day by day, profit being the motive for most actions, it seems we have forgotten about the planet we are living on. Global warming being the result of our disrespectful behavior towards nature, it proofs the correctness of an old proverb, which says that whatever you do comes back at you. Having spent the last decades in deep sleep regarding nature issues, it is now time for us to wake up before it is too late.

This is why Green Children was started, a project with the purpose of creating a good and healthy environment for the next generation, by trying to improve the present conditions. And since today’s children are the future’s adults and therefore in charge of the environment they will live in, it is our conviction that they are the ones we should work with.

Starting with AVS, Green Children wants as many schools as possible in India as well as in other countries to join the project and help. On every child’s birthday, the school shall plant a tree in its surroundings and thereby help the environment to by and by become again as green and healthy as it once used to be. Furthermore the students plant trees in their villages and on roadsides and expand awareness of rainwater harvesting methods, environment protection and pollution issues.

Through educating the children and showing them the beauty of trees and nature as a whole, its great accomplishments and the essentiality of its well being for our own lives, the project wants to also reach their parents and thus by and by make a permanent change in society.

If you are interested to join us, please contact us: info@avstrust.org

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