Arunachala Nursery & Primary School

In a country divided into various different religions, castes and political affiliations, AVS wants to be a place of unity and teamwork, where the children are taught to respect, love and help each other, regardless their heritage and individual background. Arunachala Nursery & Primary School is established as model school in this region for all other schools.
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Our dedicated teachers, acting like mothers towards their children, treat our students with love and are determined to further them individually to their maximum capability, always keeping in mind that through our students we reach the villages' people as well, and make a change in society.

The wide range of curriculum our school offers includes the languages Tamil, English and Hindi, as well as Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Moral & Physical Education. Volunteers from various countries support the school according to their individual abilities.

All are welcome at Arunachala School

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Advantage of AVS:

Furthermore AVS provides the following to the students:

  • Good English education along with the languages Tamil and Hindi, which are essential for their future professional work.
  • Dedicated, qualified & well trained teachers
  • Books, notebooks and other support material
  • Nutritious midday meal support in the form of vegetables to counteract malnutrition
  • Monthly health check and medical aid for the children and their families
  • Uniform dress
  • Transportation by school bus in return for a minimum financial contribution on part of the parents
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Well equipped computer lab, sponsored by Philips
  • Counseling to parents regarding their child's future as well as personal problems. AVS is not only a school but a social community resource center.
  • Well established library
  • Moral and ethical education. It is of major importance to us to teach our children to worship their parents, to love, respect and help them, as well as each other

We do not think our work is done when our children finish 5th standard and leave school. We want to make sure they also obtain a solid higher education to guarantee them a good start in their professional lives.

Therefore we provide financial support to selected children, who could not afford continuing their studies otherwise, as well as counseling and moral support for all our students and their parents. We want to be the source of help and advice for our children until their future is secured and they start working.

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